Byatts Brewery


Our History

The brewery was set up in 2011 as the result of the inspiration and passion of brewer and business owner Lee Byatt. Lee’s prior experience has been closer to pubs and clubs, but in this venture he has fulfilled a long-term dream to be producing beer in the heart of Coventry, where he was born and raised.
Lee acquired the skills of the brewer’s craft up in Lancashire, and we have sourced the brewery as part of the whole process.


Our Vision

Our aim is to produce great tasting, great quality beer to pubs and clubs within the region. We want to be the brewer of choice where publicans’ have the freedom to use us, so as well as producing great, quaffable beer, our pricing must be competitive and our service levels have to be the best they possibly can. We believe in growth at a reasonable rate to make sure none of the above is compromised.


Set Up

We have a 5-barrel run length and brew on average three times per week (four is a stretch!). We continue to add to our customer base each week and have increased our capacity to suit. It is not just the production of beer that has to be considered, but also having the right number of casks to allow for turnaround time in trade and have enough to rack future brews, and so we find ourselves taking on more and more casks to cope with the growing demand.