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Our Takehome Beers

All of our Core Range of Beers are available by the bottle (500ml*), case (12 x 500ml), or Bag in Box (in 10-litre or 20-litre sizes).

We offer bottle-conditioned beers for maximum flavour and conditioning.  They do not undergo any filtration or sterilisation. 

You can buy a mixed case of 12 x 500ml bottles to give you a chance to try the range. At a nice price too!

If you’re having a party you have the option to take home live beer – the same as they have at the local pub – in a “bag in box”. These come with a built in tap to help you dispense the beer.

Order these 10- or 20-litre packs with 2 or 3 days’ notice to give us time to rerack and prepare them for you.

Note: The ABV of the bottled beer is slightly higher than the cask version so a 3.8% cask has a 3.9% bottled version, and so on.
 Prices include VAT
BrandABVColourNotesBottle Case 10L BiB20L BiB

XK Dark

3.5%Dark AleBig malt aroma and flavours. Bitter chocolate, blackberries and a soft lingering bitterness. £2.20£22.00£29.00£44.00


3.8%Light AmberA smooth, refreshing session beer.

Earthy and grassy with hints of citrus fruits and a lingering bitterness.
£2.20 £22.00 £30.00£45.00


4.2%GoldPale Ale, brewed with three American hops.

Initial sweetness, crisp, refreshing with a rounded bitterness.


4.5%Ruby RedA ruby red ale with rich malt flavours and a floral aroma, fruit and spice notes and a well-balanced finish.£2.20£22.00£33.00£47.50


5.2%PaleA strong zesty golden ale with pine, citrus lemon, grassy notes.

Smooth and easy-drinking.


4.3%CopperA light biscuit malt sweetness leads to minty, grassy hop flavours with hints of blackcurrant and a balanced bitterness. £2.20£22.00N/AN/A


5.6%DarkXXXMas Ale is a strong winter warmer, rich and full bodied with dark malts, and full of festive hoppy berry fruit and spice cheer.£2.30 £23.00 N/AN/A

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