Products Available From The Brewery

Products Available From The Brewery

We currently only sell 20L polypins (10L not available). Please call the brewery to purchase. We will need a minimum of 72 hours notice and it is collection only. Price list and more details below. If we have it available in cask, then you can have it in a polypin. Call the brewery to find out which beers are available in cask this week. Mini casks available from 17/11/17.

Please call: 02476 637 996

20L Polypins

Are equal to approximately 36 pints. They contain sediment, so will need to be placed in serving location 24 hours before serving.

They should not be placed near sources of heat. A cooler location is best.

They are very simple to use and great for parties! Provided the beer does not get too warm, they should last for up 7 days once you start drawing beer off.

Listed below is our full range beers

XK Dark Rotation 3.5% X 3.6%
Golden Imp Rotation 3.7% X X
Black Imp October 3.7% X X
Coventry Bitter Rotation 3.8% X 3.9%
Platinum Blonde Rotation 3.9% X 4%
Big Cat Rotation 4% X 4.1%
Holly Amber’s Winter Ale November-January 4% X X
Brewhouse Best All year 4.1% X X
Motofest Multigrade May/June 4.1% X 4.2%
Phoenix Gold All year 4.2% 4.2% 4.3%
Colombo Rotation 4.2% X 4.3%
Vienna Pale Ale Rotation 4.2% X 4.3%
Munich Pale Ale Rotation 4.2% X 4.3%
Blackfriars Porter Rotation 4.3% X 4.4%
Glorious February/March 4.3% X X
Crystal Cookie Rotation 4.4% X 4.5%
Madagascar Stout Rotation 4.4% X 4.5%
Urban Red Rotation 4.5% X 4.6%
Lemon Shock Rotation 4.5% 4.5% 4.6%
West Coast Baby! Rotation 4.6% 4.6% X
American Brown Ale Rotation 4.7% X 4.8%
Double Shot Rotation 4.7% X 4.8%
Marvellous English IPA Rotation 4.8% X 4.9%
Amarillo IPA Rotation 4.9% 4.9% 5%
XK Strong Rotation 4.9% X 5%
Playtime Rotation 5.0% X 5.1%
Regal Blond All year 5.2% X 5.3%
XXXmas Ale November/December 5.5% X 5.6%
Carpe Cerevisi Rotation 5.5% X 5.6%
Gung-Ho! Rotation 6.0% X 6.1%
Mahana IPA Rotation 6.0% X 6.1%

Polypin Prices

XK Dark – £49

Coventry Bitter, Platinum Blonde, Golden Imp and Black Imp – £50

Big Cat, Holly Amber’s Winter Ale,  Brewhouse Best, Motofest Multigrade Phoenix Gold, Colombo, Munich Pale Ale, Vienna Pale Ale,  Blackfriars Porter and Glorious- £51

, Crystal Cookie – £52

Urban Red – £ 53

American Brown Ale, West Coast Baby, Marvellous English IPA, Desert Yetis Pale Ale and XK Strong – £53.50

Amarillo IPA – £55

Lemon Shock, Double Shot and Regal Blond – £56

Ruby Rye IPA, Stone Bears Belgian Pale Ale, Playtime Chocolate Milk Stout, Carpe Cerevisi and XXXmas Ale – £60.50

Mahana IPA and Gung-Ho! – £62

Bottle Prices

All cases are 12 x 500ml bottles.

6 Bottle Gift Pack £15

Mixed Case – £23.50.

All other beer – £22.50

Lemon Shock, Double Shot, Regal Blond, Amarillo IPA – £23.50

Playtime Chocolate Milk Stout, XXXmas Ale, Carpe Cerevisi, Mahana IPA & Gung-Ho! £24

Glass Prices

Pint glass £3

Half Pint Glass £3.50

Beer voucher for any amount

Brewery Tours £15 per person

Beer Tastings £18 per person

Please call: 02476 637 996