Cask-Conditioned Beer

Our beers are cask-conditioned ales, which are, more often than not, served from handpulls in pubs.

These are traditional ales which are unfiltered, unpasteurised such that a certain amount of yeast and protein remains in the cask.

A period of secondary fermentation takes place in the cask as the yeast continues to do its thing.  Our beers are held for a minimum of two weeks in cold storage.  This helps the beer reach the trade in perfect condition.

Cask ale is the only trade sector which is growing at the moment.  There is a real revival on the go and those pubs and clubs which serve real ale are generally finding themselves adding more lines, serving more cask ale and welcoming new customers in search of traditional handpull beers.  Furthermore there is a strong demand for locally brewed ales as drinkers look to support local industry and cut down the “beer miles” in supporting the “greener environment” movement.