Everyone loves a cheeky drink. It might be at the end of a long day or on a Friday night with your friends. Or snuggled up on the sofa with a loved one but we all love a nice pint at times.

Real ale or ‘cask conditioned ale’ is enjoying a resurgence in the UK (and all over the world!) but there are still some people who just ‘don’t fancy it’

Perhaps it is down to the image attached to real ale. Or perhaps it’s down to the visual look of ale? As Shelley (co-director of Byatts) often says ‘people drink with their eyes’ which is why, when you book onto one of our beer tasting sessions <insert link here> you will most likely find yourself blindfolded (all part of the process!) to really help you to absorb and enjoy the flavours.

Real ale is made with JUST four ingredients – water, hops, barley and yeast. Yet not one single beer tastes the same. And there are hundreds to try. Here at Byatts alone we brew over 20 different brews all with a totally different taste.

Another great thing about trying and buying real ale is how great value it is. You often are dealing with local, family run businesses, by supporting them you are putting money directly back into UK economy. In addition, because it is not a national brand you’re not picking up the costs for advertising as national brands often do. Value for money AND it tastes good!

We offer brewery tours and beer tasting events every month so if you fancy learning more about what tastes will suit you just visit <this page> and we guarantee their will be a favourite for you amongst our beers. Give real ale a try today!